Spanish culture and language is rich in both its variety as well as its beauty. Evolving over hundreds of years since its origins of provincial Latin, today Spanish is spoken throughout the world for in an ever-increasing range of contexts. From the museums and grandeur of Madrid to the businesses and majesty of Buenos Aires to the step pyramids and industry of Oaxaca to the bodegas and streets of New York City, Spanish is clearly one of the world’s most important and relevant languages. Years ago, Spanish broke the barrier of an all-English television on “I Love Lucy” but now one can see Hispanic characters and the Spanish language on practically every channel throughout the day.

The Linden Public Schools are excited to provide a world-class instruction in a world-class language that has seen its growth expand dramatically over the past fifty years. We embrace and promote the study of Spanish language and culture in all of our schools through our recognition of our Hispanic students, but also the accomplishments of such important figures as Simón Bolívar,

From the earliest grades, students School #2, School #5, and School #6 are given the opportunity to learn the basics of Spanish vocabulary and grammar, which they practice and use in a variety of age-appropriate activities. When they continue to our middle schools, these students have the ability to further their study of the language and culture, improving their spoken and written fluency at every step. By the time our students progress to high school, they have already had many hours of instruction and practice in Spanish and are often able to continue their mastery of the language to the highest levels, including two world-class IB instructors who frequently work with students to make sure they achieve among the highest scores in the state of New Jersey.

From the earliest grades, the Linden Public Schools provide opportunities for our youngest students to take their first steps into the world.

Spanish is one of three world languages students are taught throughout Linden’s elementary schools.

The study of Spanish culture and language continues from the elementary years into the middle school years at both McManus and Soehl Middle Schools. For students who have had no prior exposure to Spanish, one of the quarterly exploration tracks available is for Spanish, which provides students with an introduction to the language. For students with more in-depth, prior instruction or understanding, full year courses are available, which provide even greater opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the language.

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Linden High School provides a wide variety of Spanish courses ranging from introductory and novice-level through Heritage courses created to provide native speakers with greater awareness of the Spanish-speaking world as well as enhanced skills in the Spanish language. All of these courses are taught in a variety of styles and authentic approaches designed to maximize the acquisition of language for our students.

Throughout the year, our teachers incorporate a variety of technology-based lessons as well in order to help our students become better prepared for the demands of modern society.

Linden High School regularly sponsors Hispanic heritage and cultural events. Ranging from food to dance to music, all aspects of Hispanic and Latin culture are promoted through a variety of events, many of which are student-led.

Linden High School maintains an exchange program and partnership with El Instituto de Educación Secundaria Alfonso X el Sabio in Murcia, Spain.

The Linden High School Spanish club strives to encourage students to learn more about the importance and significance of Spanish culture, as well as raise awareness towards differing cultures to hopefully create global minded citizens.

This Honor Society recognizes high student achievement in Spanish and promotes a continuity of interest in Hispanic Studies. Members are involved in numerous community activities and fundraisers.