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Dr. Patricia Tartivita
Supervisor Secondary Language Arts

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Language Arts Mission

The mission of the Linden Public Schools Language Arts Department is to develop lifelong learners who are inquisitive, engaged, and reflective. Our goal is to foster literacy skills for reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Through a collaborative approach and rigorous curriculum, we promote every student’s creativity, empathy, and self-worth. The students we educate will be effective communicators, equipped to succeed in a global community.

Language Arts Vision

Think Critically. Read Widely. Write Effectively. Speak Thoughtfully.

Middle School Language Arts

Course Description Guide pp. 13-14

Language Arts are the abilities that enable one to think and express ideas logically and creatively; understand and participate meaningfully in spoken, written, and non-verbal communication; formulate and answer questions; and search for, organize, evaluate and apply information. The program is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Language Arts Literacy.  The Language Arts program provides inclusion teachers in some classes to help students academically.  Honors classes are offered in sixth, seventh and eighth grades as part of the Gifted & Talented Program at the middle school level.  

High School Language Arts

Course Description Guide pp. 53-57

The study of English as a course is a four-year requirement for every high school student in the State of New Jersey.  The English courses at Linden High School are designed and aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Language Arts Literacy.  They are intended to capture language experiences all students need in order to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally and to promote students’ capacities to construct meaning in any arena, with others as well as on their own.  The standards also advocate students to learn to read, write, speak, listen and view critically, strategically and creatively in order to use these arts individually and in groups throughout their lives.   Honors and International Baccalaureate classes, as well as electives, enhance the student Language Arts experience at the high school level. 

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