District Goals

Curriculum and Instruction

Goal – To ensure that all Linden students are afforded the same opportunities to be exposed to high-quality instruction, which is relevant, academically challenging, meaningful, and culturally inclusive. All Linden students will have access to technology, which will be utilized as an instructional tool to engage all students in the process to graduate college or career ready.

Goal – Remain committed to the effective implementation of special education programming to include successful models of service delivery, expand professional development opportunities, and the provision of appropriate instructional modifications, accommodations, scaffolding, and behavioral supports.


• To evaluate current Pre – K to 12th-grade curricular offerings and instructional strategies to ensure that they are aligned with research, advancements in technology, New Jersey State requirements, and standards, national standards, community expectations, the interest and needs of all students at all levels of learning across the wide spectrum of talents and abilities.

• During an all virtual learning model due to COVID-19, ensure that all Linden students have access to a computer and internet connection at all times.


Community, Communications & Public Relations

Goal – To foster positive relationships among students, parents, staff, and community members.


• To be inclusive while communicating with parents, ensuring that important information is disseminated to parents in their home language

• To implement programs and activities which may include effective decision making, character building, community service learning, conflict resolution, and peer mediation.

• Promote the rich heritage in Linden by partnering with all stakeholders to keep rich traditions in Linden at the center of community celebrations.

• Work in partnership with public resources (police, fire, parks, library, etc.)


Budget and Finance

Goal – Linden Public Schools will efficiently and responsibly allocate resources in alignment with district educational goals and priorities, and as needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic and plan for the future.


• Complete ongoing analysis of the 2020-21 budget performance with an emphasis on the projected revenue loss that will occur due to COVID-19. Continue to update the financial forecast so that the information is considered throughout the development of the 2021-22 budget.



Goal – Linden Public Schools will monitor and evaluate environmental conditions in our buildings.


• To ensure that Linden students and staff are provided with a safe and secure environment that reflects the changing nature of our world (COVID-19, school intruders, etc.).


Upcoming Events

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator – Annabell Louis / alouis@lindenps.org / 908-486-2800 ext. 8036
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