District Goals

Student Achievement

Support student growth and academic achievement through continuous review and data analysis, focusing on refining curriculum, instructional practices, and professional development. Review and evaluate the 5 year District Strategic plan to align with district needs.


Maintain and strengthen meaningful relationships between the district and community through effective multilingual communication, collaboration, and events throughout the schools.


Incorporate and promote positive engagement in all digital technologies throughout grades K-12. Continue our Technology One-to-One Program. Expand the use of online curricular components and multimedia resources in academic areas.


Maintain a safe and secure learning environment, including expanding physical and cyber security and facility safety to reduce internal and external threats of violence and vandalism. Support an environment that promotes mental health support, awareness, and resources for all stakeholders and continued prevention of harassment, intimidation, and bullying.


Operate the district efficiently and effectively, ensuring fiscal prudence and proper allocation of resources to the various educational programs and district projects. Continue to finance capital projects as outlined in the district’s extended range facility plan.


District Anti-Bullying Coordinator – Ryan Devaney rdevaney@lindenps.org / 908-486-2800 ext. 8036
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