Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Joseph Scaldino
Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Career Technical Education (CTE)

Technology Department
Linden Academy of Science and Technology
128 W. St. Georges Ave.
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: 908-587-3263 x8865

High School Vocational / Technical Courses (CTE)

Course Description Guide pp. 14-30

The Career and Technical Education Program is an essential component of the overall educational process. The Career and Technical Education Program provides a unique and important understanding of how to succeed in the world. Skills acquired through practical arts education have unlimited applications in life as well as in other areas of study. These technology and practical arts programs meet the New Jersey graduation requirements and specifically address cross content readiness standards.

Linden High School offers a range of courses within the Career and Technical Education Program. These offerings include: business, home economics, industrial arts, licensed courses and technology. These courses are intended to encourage skill development and technical mastery in specific practical areas. They provide technical enrichment, awareness, and ability to become producers and consumers. They seek to develop those skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary education and individual career choices.

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