Core Beliefs

1. Multilingual Education Programs exist to reaffirm and support the district’s core beliefs

  • Safety above all else
  • Student learning is our main objective
  • Focus on results and excellence
  • Parents are partners, and
  • Common decency

2. Academic achievement is the key to a prosperous future. The Linden Public School District is best served when English Language Learners become fluent in English, educated beyond high school, encouraged to develop bilingual skills, and are prepared to be effective citizens. Education is the key for future economic success.

3. Bilingual education must work. The bilingual part-time program should maximize student achievement, English language fluency, and bilingual skills.

4. English language proficiency is imperative. Our students must learn to read, write, and speak English as rapidly as individually possible, without sacrificing long-term academic success.

5. Fluency in two or more languages is encouraged. Linden staff encourage our English Language Learners to retain and develop all of their language skills in both English as well as their first language. Increasingly, the Linden Public School District should offer opportunities for all students to acquire two languages to excel in a competitive global marketplace.