World Languages / ESL / Bilingual

The Linden Public School District provides a world-class education to well over 5,000 students each year. As part of our comprehensive program, all students are afforded the opportunity to become fluent in at least two languages. Beginning in the elementary schools, progressing through our middle schools, and culminating at the high school level, it is possible for a each student to receive well over 2,000 contact hours of second-language instruction.

ESL/Bilingual and World Languages Smart Goals


  • By June 2015, 60% of ELLs will show a 0.5 composite proficiency level increase or more, as measured on the ACCESS for ELLs test.

World Languages

  • To establish consistent learning expectations and more informative measures of student learning across proficiency levels, teachers will collaboratively create, implement, and refine a common, technology based World Languages proficiency assessment. The first assessment will be geared to end of Level I course targets in year one and will be refined and expanded in year two.

Professional Development

  • In order to improve design and delivery of proficiency-based instruction and assessment in World Languages instruction, all World Languages teachers will receive professional development to assist them in comprehending the 2013-2014 STAMP test data and in accordingly revising instructional and assessment practices to measurably improve student proficiency.  This professional development  will be provided by January, 2015.
  • In order to ensure that the district continues to meet the ESL/Bilingual AMAO’s, all teachers will receive professional development to help them understand and respond to the data generated by the 2013-2014 assessments, and to prepare them for upcoming changes to the ACCESS For ELLs assessment.  This professional development will be provided by January, 2015.
  • ESL and World Languages teachers will revise their curriculums in order to achieve congruency and linkages with the Journey’s curriculum being implemented in the district Language Arts program.