Summer Reading

All students from grades 2 through 12 are expected to complete both a summer reading assignment as well as one for mathematics. Our students in the ESL and/or Bilingual program are no exception. Using a modified reading list, these students are encouraged to continue developing their literacy and numeracy skills through the summer break. Upon returning in September, they are also expected to complete assignments that are appropriate to their level of English proficiency.

Students who exit the ESL and/or Bilingual program must complete the appropriate summer reading assignments for their grade-level Language Arts or English class. The reading assignments may be found here.

Those current and former ESL students enrolled in our ESL summer school program will work together towards completing the summer reading assignment(s). These assignments will be checked in September in the appropriate ESL/Bilingual/Language Arts/English class.

For more information about the expectations for the modifications to the reading list, consult the Summer Reading and Summer Mathematics packets that are available on the main page.