Health / Physical Education

Michael Firestone
Director of Health / PE / Safety / Medical / Athletics

Field House
700 West Curtis Street
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: 908-486-7085 x8562
Fax: 908-486-1630


All students will acquire the knowledge and skills of what is most essential to become individuals who possess health and physical literacy and pursue a life of wellness. They develop the habits necessary to live healthy, productive lives that positively impact their families, schools and communities.


A quality comprehensive health and physical education program fosters a population that:

  • Maintains mental health awareness and relies on social/emotional support systems;
  • Engages in a physically active lifestyle;
  • Maintains awareness of health and wellness and how to access resources;
  • Recognizes the influence of media, peers, technology, and cultural norms in making informed health-related decisions as a consumer of health products and wellness services;
  • Practices effective cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution skills;
  • Builds and maintains healthy relationships;
  • Accepts and respects individual and cultural differences; and
  • Advocates for personal, family, community, and global wellness and is aware of local, national and global public health and climate change.