Richard Molinaro
Director of Mathematics

Administration Building
2 East Gibbons Street
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: 908-486-2800 x8042

Elementary Math

Course Description Guide pp. 17-18

The elementary mathematics program is aligned with the NJSLS for Mathematics and paired with the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice. The skills are presented in the context of everyday use. Lessons feature ongoing assessments recognizing student achievement through daily activities and periodic formal assessments which are also used to drive instruction. The daily progress checks provide multiple assessment options which include oral assessments, constructed response items, and self- assessment options requiring the students to evaluate their own understanding and success. Children are afforded the opportunity to become actively involved in their learning with ample opportunities to show their strategies and reasoning through the use of hands-on math materials, mathematical tools, visual representations, and verbalization (math talk). This allows the students to gain insights from others. Students need to have the ability to successfully apply their problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning to situations on a daily basis. It is the goal of the mathematics program to provide the student with those skills and abilities.

The program plan recommends that daily lessons are broken into the following three parts: teaching the lesson, ongoing learning/practice of the content, and differentiation options. Teaching the lesson provides the main instructional activities for the new content presented. Ongoing learning and practice supports previously presented concepts and skills and is an essential practice for maintaining those skills. Differentiation options include options for supporting the needs of all students, either through enrichment, or further investigation of the content.

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New Jersey Student Learning Standards


Middle School Math

Course Description Guide pp. 15-16

Each student will complete three years of mathematics study at the middle school level. This will provide the student with the background to either enroll in High School Algebra I or High School Geometry, depending on the sequence followed. The Middle School Mathematics program is aligned with the NJSLS (New Jersey Student Learning Standards) for Mathematics and paired with the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice.

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New Jersey Student Learning Standards


High School Math

Course Description Guide pp. 46-48

Three years of mathematics are required for graduation from Linden High School. This requirement is usually met by taking mathematics in grades nine, ten and eleven. Mathematics courses are available for special needs students and are identified by a course number ending with a nine. The Mathematics Department screens students for honors course placement annually; and the program allows the flexibility of changing from honors or regular classes on a yearly basis. Under certain circumstances, two math courses may be taken at the same time, with administrative approval.

The Mathematics Department strives to provide a program where students:
– are excited by and interested in their activities,
– are learning important mathematical concepts rather than simply memorizing and practicing

– are posing and solving meaningful problems,
– working together to learn mathematics,
– are writing and talking about math topics every day and
– are using calculators and computers as important tools of learning.

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New Jersey Student Learning Standards