Students return to schools after nearly a year

Hallways and classrooms buzzed with activity again on Wednesday, Feb. 17, as some high school and middle school students returned to in-person learning for the first time since March 2020. 

Elementary schools returned to class for the first time since November as our district switched to a hybrid learning model when Linden’s COVID-19 infection rate began to drop.

Linden High School
Soehl Middle School
McManus Middle School
Elementary school 100th day

Parents and guardians had the option for their children to return in person or to remain virtual. Fewer than half of students opted for in-person learning.

Many classrooms had only a few students, allowing for maximum social distancing. Students and staff members all wore masks at all times while on school grounds, and many classrooms were equipped with room dividers, shields or desk guards for added protection.

Teachers did an amazing job juggling their lessons for in-person and virtual students, who were logged in to class through Webex. Under the hybrid schedule, in-person students attend class in the mornings, then can log in from home in the afternoon for targeted instruction, group work, or extra help from their teachers.

Staff members were stationed in the hallways to assist sixth-graders, ninth-graders, and other new students, who had never before been inside their schools, to find their way to their classrooms. Students were reminded to follow floor and wall signs to keep traffic flowing in one direction in hallways and stairways.

Classrooms, hallways and offices were equipped with hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, enhanced ventilation, and  air purifiers to ensure the safest possible environment.

In addition to the return to hybrid learning, elementary schools also held commemorations to celebrate the 100th day of school.

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