‘We Are Strong’ opens engaging dialogue at Soehl

Students at Soehl Middle School recently got the chance to take part in a unique virtual program that will help them stay “Soehl Strong” in the face of life’s challenges. 

The program was developed by Grade Success Education and centers around the song “We Are Strong” by Gold-selling R&B artist Ny’a, who is married to Soehl teacher Eugene Napoleon.


Students and staff gathered in grade-level groups on Webex from May 11 to 13 with Ny’a and Marc Hoberman, founder of Grade Success. They engaged in meaningful discussion based on curriculum questions that dissected the lyrics and meaning of the song. Students spoke up on such topics as being united, the pandemic, respect for others, standing up against injustice, and working together towards a bright future.

“This virtual program for each grade level was nothing short of amazing,” said Soehl social worker Jessica Defelice, who acted as moderator. “The program allowed open and honest dialogue. We are ‘Soehl Strong.’ Thank you Ny’a and Marc for all of your words of wisdom!”

The “We Are Strong” virtual curriculum is aligned with the language arts and history core curriculum standards and touches the social emotional needs of the students.

“I am extremely proud and excited to be part of this virtual educational curriculum,” Ny’a said. “I am humbled to know that the words of my ‘We Are Strong’ song has touched others in a positive and meaningful way. That was my purpose for writing ‘We Are Strong.’ ”

-Story by Gary Miller

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