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All students in grades 1-5 at School No. 4 have a Raz-Kids login to practice reading in school and at home!

Giving Parents Access to Student Progress Has Never Been Easier!

Parents and reading tutors can see which books their student has been reading, monitor their comprehension with quiz scores, and send them messages—all from the Parent Access area.

Parents Can Register

Parents can request access to their students information by simply logging in as their child and clicking the “Parents” link in the top right and following the instructions to provide an email address. You need to approve the email address before a parent can see their child’s information.

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Parent Log In

Student Log In

Families And Schools Together

How F.A.S.T. Began

This program was first created in 1988 by Lynn McDonald to help enhance student’s social and academic performance. For over 30 years, F.A.S.T has been embraced by over 20 different countries around the world.  The goal of this program is for each child to thrive academically and socially. The F.A.S.T Program has used evidence-based practices to enhance student-parent relationships at home and increase parents and community engagement in student learning. It also encourages family bonding and involving the community in the school system. Research also shows that the F.A.S.T Program has improved education and helps schools succeed.

F.A.S.T. Program at School No. 4

The goal of the F.A.S.T Program, Families and Schools Together, is for school and families to come together to improve student academics and behaviors through the increase of involvement of all stakeholders in the school’s community. This is achieved by creating Family Nights that include academic activities, raffles, and a light supper with grant money that is donated through our Linden Education Association. F.A.S.T Events give students the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. Parents get the chance to be involved with their child or children’s learning and are provided with helpful resources that could be used at home. Our hopes are that these events will continue to motivate students to reach their highest success inside and outside of the classroom. This is done through teamwork and collaboration of staff members, the community, and, you, the parents and guardians.

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