District Title I Program

The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on state academic standards.

Linden has a targeted assistance program in each of its Title I buildings providing services to eligible children who have been identified as having the greatest need for special assistance in mathematics and language arts literacy. These services are provided by an additional teacher in a variety of ways: pushing into the classroom during the day, before or after school tutorial and summer programs.

Linden uses a multiple measure criteria to identify students for the program. Each core subject, mathematics and language arts literacy is evaluated and students who are below grade level proficiency are recommended for placement into the Title I program. Parents receive a notification of this placement and must return a signed letter acknowledging their child’s placement into the program before services can start. Progress reports are sent along with the report card and parents are also encouraged to meet with the Title I teacher to see how their child is progressing.

Students enrolled in the Title I program will have an individual improvement plan developed to drive their instruction. Each student’s progress will be monitored and if the student achieves 80% mastery on all identified areas the student will be recommended to the principal to exit the program.

Annually the Director of Grants & Federal Funding will hold a Title I parent meeting to discuss and work collaborative with parents to evaluate and modify the program as needed.


District Title I Policy

The district shall comply with all state and federal requirements in developing, implementing, administering and evaluating funded compensatory education programs and programs for pupils determined to be academically at-risk.

Such instructional services and activities shall be designed to improve the level of proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics and other skills of pupils whose academic, social or environmental needs prevent them from succeeding in regular school programs, and to prevent their regression in such skills when regular programs are not in session. Parents/guardians shall be kept informed of their children’s progress and shall be invited to consult with staff on ways to give their children the maximum benefits of such programs.

At least once annually, a public meeting shall be held for the express purpose of informing parents/guardians of the programs and activities provided with Title I funds. The agenda shall include:

Informing parents/guardians of their right to consult in the design and implementation of the Title I project;

Providing parents/guardians with information about the Title I law, regulations and instructional programs;

Soliciting parents/guardians input about basic skills improvement programs and relate activities;

Providing parents/guardians an opportunity to establish mechanisms for maintaining ongoing communication among parents/guardian, staff, and the board.

The parents/guardians of all eligible children shall be invited to attend.


Mandated Policy Statements in Addition to Parent Consultation


  1. Comparability of personnel
    To be in compliance with the requirements of federal law the board of education of Linden (2660) directs the superintendent to assign teachers, administrator, and auxiliary personnel to the schools in such a way that equivalent of personnel is ensured among the schools.
  2. Comparability of materials and supplies
    To be in compliance with the requirements of federal law the board of education of Linden (2660) directs the superintendent to distribute curriculum materials and instructional supplies to the schools in such a way that equivalence is ensured among the schools.
  3. Supplement not supplant
    The Linden School district shall use Title I funds only to supplement and to the extent practical increase the level of funds that would, in the absence of Title I funds, be made available for the education of pupils participating in Title I or state compensatory education projects. In no case shall Title I funds be used to supplant those non-title I or non-state compensatory education funds.
  4. Maintenance of effort
    The board of education will maintain a combined fiscal effort per pupil or aggregate expenditures of state and local funds with respect to the provision of the public education for the preceding fiscal year that is not less than the required amount of the combined fiscal effort per pupil or the aggregate expenditures for the second preceding fiscal year.


Eligibility for State and Federal Funds

The superintendent shall ensure that all requirements for receiving state and federal funds shall be fulfilled in an accurate and timely manner.

Control over such funds and title to all equipment and supplies purchased with such funds shall remain with the board of education. Procurement, control use and disposition of equipment and supplies purchased with state/federal funds shall be in full compliance with the law.



The superintendent shall direct appropriate administrative personnel to pursue vigorously all possible sources of funding, either state or federal, that support such compensatory services, and shall keep abreast of all changes in the law which restrict or expand the district’s use of state or federal funds.

Programs especially designed for migrant children shall be provided as necessary.




District Contacts for Information and Questions

Jennifer Smith
Director of Elementary Language Arts, Federal Programs and Early Childhood

Academy of Excellence
170 Hussa Street
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: 908-587-2417 x8027

Lisa Van Dam
Administrative Assistant of Federal Funds / Coach

Administration Building
2 East Gibbons St
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: 908-486-2800 x8967


District Anti-Bullying Coordinator – Ryan Devaney rdevaney@lindenps.org / 908-486-2800 ext. 8036
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